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General Information:

Full Name:Zakia Mahfouz 
Also Known As: Zakia
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Widow
Birthplace: Moulay Yacoub, Morocco. She emigrated to Britain with her children prior to the plague, to try to find better work.
Languages: Arabic, French, English.
Occupation(s): She always considered herself a mother first and foremost, however she did also work as an agricultural labourer, cultivating barley, wheat, and tobacco. 


Height: 4'11"
Build: Slender but toned due to long hours of manual labour.
Ethnicity: Moroccan Arab
Hair: Her hair is naturally dark and wavy. It is long, but her hair is never seen.
Eyes: Dark brown, round-ish almond shaped eyes.
Clothing Style: Prior to the outbreak she would wear a black, floor length chador and/or modestly coloured and decorated djelleba with a hijab, but since the infection has spread through the country, she now wears a loose fitting button-down shirt and floaty trousers with wide legs, and a hijab, all in black. She also wears a pale blue surgical mask over nose and mouth to filter out the smells and disease of zombies. The trousers have a single tear in the knee, and are now more grey-ish from dust and what-not.
Additional information: She has a small scar below her right eye. It is visible but not particularly obvious. Obtained pre-plague.

Summarized Bio Thus Far: Prior to the plague Zakia was working during the day at a market on the outskirts of London selling home-made traditional Moroccan clothing, jewellery, decorative boxes etc, and in the afternoons she worked cleaning the local secondary school. She had three children originally, one died before he reached a year old back in Moulay Yacoub, after which she had two more children who survived and were in school after moving to England. The eldest went to the secondary school she cleaned. He is called Ali, a skinny, lanky boy who is 12 and nearly as tall as his mother. Pre-plague he would walk to the primary school to pick up his younger sister, aged 9, before walking back to the secondary school to meet their mother after she had finished cleaning, and go home together. Once the plague hit London, it spread quickly through highly populated areas and so they barricaded themselves at home. This didn't last long however, as zombies steadily invaded the buildings, so that they were forced onto the roof of the block of flats, where her daughter was killed. Zakia and Ali narrowly escaped by hiding until they moved onto other buildings. Now she dedicates her life to protecting her son, her last remaining child. They have skirted around groups, preferring to head on alone, or temporarily walk with other singles, sharing stories then moving on.


Attitude: She's a woman brought up to be modest and respectful, but also quietly observant and intelligent. She attended school from when she was 7-13 years old, and so is well-educated by Moroccan standards, but not in comparison to the typical English adult. she is generally quiet, preferring to do her own thing than talk to people, however when it comes to her children she has always been very protective and authoritative, bringing out an anger and low tolerance for anyone who might threaten them.
Life’s Aspirations: Prior to the Plague, she just wanted to build a nice, comfortable living for herself and her children in a country that could offer much more than the raging unemployment in Morocco. She just wanted them to be happy and educated, and with brighter prospects. Now the plague is happening, her sole purpose is to stay alive to protect her son. She hopes to get to a Decontamination Station with Ali and escape to an uninfected country.
Religion: Islam
Likes: Warm weather, comfort food, making things, animals, children
Dislikes: Rudeness, people in self-appointed authority, people who are ignorant of her religion.
Fears: Losing her children, not being able to provide for her children, having to kill. 


Known Family: Ali Mahfouz, 12 year old son (alive), Fatima Mahfouz, 9 year old daughter (deceased), Hamsah Mahfouz, 10 month old son (deceased), Muhammad Mahfouz, Husband (deceased)

Friends/Associates: None as of yet.

Physical Capabilities

Speed: 8/10
Strength: 6/10
Defense: 5/10
Offense: 6/10
Evasiveness: 8/10
Overall Fighting Skill: 6.5/10 

Weaknesses: She will protect her son at any cost, even if this is her life. She is a small woman and is likely to get hurt trying to save him. 

Weapon Skills: In hand-to-hand she'd be entirely useless because of her size. However due to the agricultural work she did in Morocco, her endurance in swinging farming tools is very high, and so something with a long handle and heavy blade would be ideal for her. She and Ali often sought out garden sheds to hide in for the night, and so she has picked up a couple of axes and hammers that are useful to her and her son in protecting themselves. They are not quite the scythes used back home, but they make do. Ali also has a small pocket multi-tool that was given to him by his father, which makes him feel safer and more useful.</b></b></b></b>


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