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Spacetopia Application- Dr Perendim by mstormw
Spacetopia Application- Dr Perendim
Name: Dr Arpion Perendim (AR-pee-on peh-REN-dim)
Age: Human equivalent of 45, but in years probably closer to 90
Gender: Kalans don't have gender or sex as they don't reproduce sexually, but he goes under male pronouns
Species: Kalan (car-lan)
Class: Medical
Subclass: Medic
Belonging to species that was scattered 
long ago, Dr Perendim is a solitary individual. His mind is sharp and his extensive travelling has increased his medical knowledge across many species. He finds most species in the Asterism think his appearance is intimidating. He finds this to be worrisome, but he lacks the social skills and diplomacy to change their views. He has terrible bedside manner. He has a tendency to complain and be grumpy a lot, which can often obscure the compassion and empathy that led him to medicine in the first place. He is surprisingly self conscious, and quickly notices his physical abnormalities in comparison to the majority of Bode's inhabitants. This mostly comes in the form of his hands; delicate and unusual, their structure helps him perform intricate surgeries but does nothing for his self esteem. As a result of this, he clasps the opposing sides of his hands together and wears marigolds (washing up gloves) from an Earth acquaintance to hide the odd feature in the presence of any conscious life-form. 

Kalans reproduce in an advanced version of Fragmentation, so from birth neither he nor any of the other offspring had a parent. At first they grew together before being picked up by various travelers or being killed. A young Arpion was taken in by an elderly human, a retired doctor who was inspired by his ambition for medicine. She would die not long after they met, but not before helping him to gain access to medical school. She remains the one person in the universe he feels fondly towards. He was not unfriendly with any of his classmates or colleagues through medical school and his first couple of years practicing, but he was aiming for bigger things and soon moved on to travelling endlessly to different worlds, learning as much as he could, helping as much as he could. He joined the Asterism on a whim, feeling as though he needed to settle down a bit (but not completely) and the idea of travel within a set regime appealed. He liked the idea of visiting different places and assisting in any way necessary during missions. He was assigned to Bode due to his threatening appearance, something he was less than happy about. The slope kept getting slipperier as he next found that none of the uniforms would fit him, due to his abnormal body shape. Far too much money later, he had a custom-made suit with armour that could only be described as 'glorified shin pads'. He complains about the quality of his armour a lot. Once on the vessel, Dr Perendim was assigned a robotic Medical assistant, just in case the Medical center was ever overwhelmed. Dr Perendim would swear blind his 'assistant' was in no way equipped for anything medical at all.

:bulletred: Running, oddly. The shape of his legs provide a lot of power and suspension. He doesn't run often, but enjoys when he does.
:bulletred: Retaining information for an extremely long period.
:bulletred: Performing delicate tasks such as surgery... or sewing?
:bulletred: Has a lot of life knowledge and wisdom.
:bulletred: Very extensive medical knowledge across many species.

:bulletblue: Communicating in a gentle way/ any sort of diplomacy
:bulletblue: Terrible bedside manner
:bulletblue: Far too affected by how people see him
:bulletblue: Will eventually split into lots of parts in order to reproduce???
Roleplay Sample: (taken from an existing RP, can write a sample for this character if asked) 
There was always some form of screaming on the ward. It echoed down the corridors painted white with patterned linoleum, scuffed with the rubber of a thousand soles dragged across the floor. It was all just background noise now. Mortaer picked up a clipboard and flipped through it as he paced through the corridors. The list was extensive.

Delusions, violent outbursts, schizophrenic type episodes, refusing to eat, refusing to engage, mood swings, speaking irrationally, depressive tendencies , the list went on. The list of medication and therapies was even worse. Turning back to the staff station, he took a seat in the break room, and flipped the chart back to the beginning. He most definitely needed deeper understanding of this patient before a first meeting.

This would be the beginning of an hour of reading. This patient had extensive notes written from previous doctors and therapists all saying he was unwilling to participate, and when he did he seemed hostile and confused. His notes said that he claimed to be from a different world where he died. They said he claimed to be magical. Mortaer frowned as he read through pages and pages of notes detailing extravagant and elaborate delusions. The patient was obviously unstable, but for the most part the stories he told didn’t contradict. He flipped to the doctor before him. The notes were completely illegible. Mortaer smiled knowingly, Dr. Fuller had been known for his stereotypical doctorisms. It has been completely unexpected when the man, only in his late forties, collapsed and died suddenly, leaving his patients to be filtered out to the other remaining doctors of his level. They had been casual work friends, but now Mortaer was left with this strange patient; the one Fuller has always said would be ‘the case of his career’. Mortaer stood, picking up his white coat that had long been discarded over the arm of the chair, and began to head back towards the ward, to one of the only rooms left that were locked. Upon approaching the door, the doctor dug around in his pockets for a pen, and clipped on his badge reading ‘Doctor Tûrhelké, Psychiatric Department’. He punched in the combination for the lock, and stepped into the room.

“Hello,” he said to the figure lying on the bed, “My name is Doctor Tûrhelké, how are you feeling today?”

Extra/Other: Dr Perendim's 'Medical Assistant' is one of the most annoying and useless entities in the universe, according to the good doctor.
To anyone who may be interested in playing a character in a TF roleplay, a new group has just opened here;
Handmade LGBTQ+ Bracelets! by mstormw
Handmade LGBTQ+ Bracelets!

LGBTQ+ bracelets for sale!

Wearing a bracelet showing your flag colours is a great way to show off your pride, or subtly be a part of the community, whether you are in or out of the closet. 

These handmade bracelets are designed to be suitable for any LGBTQ+ flag. Above are a few examples, but any flag in the flag guide* can be made to order.

If you identify as several things within the LGBTQ+ community, there are also offers on purchasing more than one bracelet, so that you are able to show all of your colours!


1 Bracelet- £4.50/ $6.68/ €6.25. Free postage in the UK, £1.00 postage outside of the UK.

2 Bracelets- £8.00/ $11.87/ €11.11.  Free postage in the UK, £1.00 postage outside of the UK.

3 Bracelets- £12.00/ $17.81/ €16.66.  Free postage in the UK, £1.00 postage to Europe, £1.50 outside of Europe.

If you are interested in buying a bracelet, please contact me either on tumblr under your-shirt or turhelke, or by email at

I will be collecting payment for via paypal only.

*(Flag guide created by lovemystarfire)

General Information:

Full Name: Michael Lewis Cranham  
Also Known As: Michael/ Mike  
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Divorced
Birthplace: Croydon, UK
Languages: English
Occupation(s): Police Officer in the Tactical Firearms Unit of the Greater Manchester Police Force


Height: 6’2”
Build: Athletic, toned.
Ethnicity: Black, British
Hair:  Short, grade 2 buzz cut. If left uncut, it grows curly
Eyes: Brown, soft eyes.

Clothing Style: Tactical Firearm Unit GMP uniform. This includes a black polo shirt, black jacket, bullet-proof vest, black gloves, back combat trousers and leather boots. Also has a helmet, goggles, a riot shield, a handgun, and a backpack. He clips his helmet to it instead of wearing it most of the time along with his riot shield, now bloody, attached to his backpack like a tortoise shell. His gloves are usually in the bag. His gun is in a holster on his belt. His goggles are long gone.

Additional information: The beginnings of a beard from weeks of not shaving. Noticeable scars on upper right arm and right calf, lots of other little scars dotted around. None on his face, but his nose does have a kink in it from where it was broken.

Summarized Bio Thus Far: Pre-plague, Michael was on his way up the ranks to become a tactical firearms squadron leader. However, when the outbreak hit the cities havoc ensued. At first him and the rest of the force were crowd control, then infected control, then surviving, just like anyone else. He and two cohorts took one of the tactical vans and began to head south, hearing of the decontamination stations there. Along the way they stopped at each of their families houses. The first squad member’s parents were nowhere to be found in Manchester. Michael found his mother dead in her home in Croydon. It seemed as though she realised she was infected, so chained herself to her bed and eventually starved to death. The last found his wife alive, so tried to kill Michael and the other officer and stole the van. The other officer later died of his injuries. Since then, Michael has been wandering west from London to try and make his way to the safe haven.


Attitude: Straight forward and direct. Used to giving and taking orders. Willing to compromise. Not willing to take bullshit. Kills infected without hesitation. Not happy to kill uninfected, but would if it was necessary. Generally kind and friendly, calm in high stress situations. Good at communicating.

Life’s Aspirations: Before the plague his aspirations were to climb the ranks to command his own squad in tactical weaponry. Now, he aims to find a solid group to make an alliance with, and make their way through the country to find a decontamination station. Survival is key, but he also aims to keep as many people alive as he can.

Religion: Believes in God, but doesn’t practice any religion.
Likes: Dogs, rock and rap music, driving, going to the gym, jogging.
Dislikes: Horror movies, anything paranormal, lack of justice in the world, people who lie for no reason.
Fears: Ghosts, whatever is beyond death, his ex-wife.  


Known Family: Maddie Cranham, 34 year old ex-wife (unknown status/presumed dead), Eleanor Cranham, 61 year old mother (deceased), Oscar Cranham, 21 year old brother (unknown status/presumed dead).

Friends/Associates: Two squad members he travelled south with. One is deceased, and the other’s status is unknown.

Physical Capabilities

Speed: 7/10
Strength: 8/10
Defense: 9/10
Offense: 8/10
Evasiveness: 7/10
Overall Fighting Skill: 8/10

Weaknesses: Sometimes a bit headstrong, with overconfidence in his ability. He forgets he is no longer backed up by an entire force of people with the same specialist training.

Weapon Skills: He has advanced training in firearms and crowd control. Knows how to enter and scope out a building safely. Has his handgun and spare clips, but not enough to last. His riot shield is his most valuable form of offense and defence. He is not bad at melee combat, although he would prefer to have some sort of weapon.

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